I Know My Status - I'm HIV Positive

If you were recently diagnosed with HIV or if you’re wanting to get into care, you’re on the right track. There are several steps you must take to get yourself on a path of becoming a healthier you and learning to adjust to living with your HIV virus.

Information is power, especially when that information can save your life. Check out our FAQ page and KnowledgeBase to get linked to important information about HIV/AIDS and resources available in the community. Getting educated on the facts about HIV and how it affects your life is important to know so you’re more aware of your diagnosis and not as overwhelmed during your first medical visit.

Fear may prevent you from seeking care, but once you know you’re HIV positive, it’s important that you get into care as soon as you can. You’re local Ryan White agency should be your first point of contact. Once you are assigned a Case Manager, he/she will set up an intake appointment to determine you’re eligibility for services and assess and identify any current needs that need to be addressed. They will also help you schedule you’re first appointment with an HIV/AIDS Medical Provider.  Don’t put it off. Your doctor will run tests to see how well your immune system is working, how fast the HIV is progressing and how healthy your body is overall. With this and other information, your doctor can work with you to develop the best treatment plan, including when and how to begin treatment. HIV drugs can often slow or prevent the progression of HIV to AIDS. Left untreated, though, HIV can lead to severe illness and death. 

To be eligible for services paid for by Ryan White/ State Services funds, the provider must determine whether an applicant meets the following Ryan White/State Services eligibility criteria:

An individual must have a diagnosis of HIV infection;

be a Texas resident; and

provide complete and accurate income documentation

Reach out to your local HIV service organization! Many organizations have support groups for people living with HIV and their loved ones. To find a local HIV/AIDS service organization near you, visit our Resources By Region page.

Get involved in your community! Visit our Community Events page for the most up to date information on local events, campaigns, and all things HIV related happening in your area.

Engage with others! Social media tools like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat offer many opportunities to connect with others who are interested and involved in HIV matters.